The Illusion Of The Pain-Body

You know those times you are triggered, those times when you have incandescent rage or praeternatural jealousy or crazy anxiety?

And then everything is poured through the lens of that particular perception? Everything is viewed FROM that vantage-point?

And it feels so real. The stamp of neurochemistry. The narrative of realistic thoughts.

So it feels so justified to be in that place. And from there you can make some pretty poor choices. Or at the very least it can feel atrociously uncomfortable.

Perhaps you don’t realise that you have been triggered. Perhaps you think, this is just how it is. Perhaps you do not know that what you are suddenly feeling has very little if anything at all to do with the present situation.

Something in you has been activated, that’s all. Something from the past. An old wound, ie a not great memory that has not yet been healed, therefore it gets to play again.

As I mentioned yesterday, we have our pain that is as a result of an old program which when is activated has its own story which we fall for as being FACT.

The question remains: do you want to walk around as a reactionary, toxic to yourself and pointing the finger outside of yourself? Or do you want to take 100% response-ability and FREE yourself from the machinations of the wound-paradigm. From paradigm to Paradise?

The first step in all this is VIGILANCE for the internal workings. Notice the painbody narrative as it arises, and just let it, without chewing on it. Let it come, let it go. Don’t join in with it. That is your sovereign choice.

Questions for you:

• When do you get most triggered?

• What is the internal narrative that comes?

• What is the feeling that comes with it?

• How does it make you react or act?

• What would it be like to heal this? Who are you on the otherside of it?

My interest for you is nothing less than complete freedom. If you want to join me on this, get in touch and we can take the journey together.


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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