How To Resolve A Key Life Challenge

We all come up against roadblocks in life, big and small. Depending on our mood, or level of strength and vitality, they can feel overly complex or daunting. And can grow vast in size in our minds. And so procrastination kicks in.

Here’s how to go into “pre-crastination” instead and confidently move toward a desired outcome.

This is a neat little roadmap you can use to overcome a challenge.

It is predicated on the fact that “the challenge” is a challenge as such only in your mind — so the first part is to soften and heal and optimise your internal representation of it.

This clears space for best thought and best action.

The second part is to activate your Higher Self/inner Genius to see the challenge already overcome (Vision) and to see the best way to overcome it (Strategy).

Step One ~ Healing Your Perception Of It

• How does having this challenge make you feel?

Clear the feeling of it by allowing the feeling to be there then breathing into it and breathing it into the heart-centre, holding it there for 2 seconds then letting go on the outbreath.

Continue this process til the feeling is gone.

This ought to leave you calm and clear and spacious.

When you are there go to Step 2.

Step Two

In this newly calm state, it is time to use the process of asking deliberately brilliant questions to allow the best answers to arise from the Higher Self (sometimes called the superconsciousness). It is how the likes of Edison and Einstein solved their problems and came up with their best ideas.

From this spacious relaxed place, ask the following questions and LET THE ANSWERS COME naturally. Don’t rush to give the answers. Let them come naturally on the back of the question.

• What is the perfect outcome here?

Breathe. Let the answer come. Ask the question again if need be.

What is the perfect outcome here?

You should be able to see it and feel how good it feels to have that outcome.

Ask the question again to activate more Answer.

Write it down if need be.

Now to the next question.

• What is the perfect way to ensure this happens?

Again, let the answer come.

Ask it again. A few times if need be.

That gives you your method or strategy.

Now simply carry out the method.

I’d be interested in how this process was for you.

And if you’d like to do it with me let me know. It is very powerful when I’m doing it with you.

To enquire about a session on this, book an intro call here:

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