The Mechanism Of Shame

The mechanism of shame, the mechanism of embarrassment, that of fear, guilt, that of any emotional pain is happening in you … it is not happening to you, despite first appearances.

Sure, there may be an outside stimulus, or an internal thought that triggers the machinery, but the machinery itself is in you.

This is what we mean by projection. It comes from you.

That’s really good as it gives you 100% chance to clean it up, to free yourself from the cogs and wheels of this machinery. To know yourself as the vast Light that transcends it all, and transmutes it all.

Once you’ve learned a few processes and techniques to do this, it becomes quite straightforward.

Question for you:

• In which circumstances would you most like to be free of fear or worry?

• In which circumstances, if you found a way to free yourself from emotional limitation, would it be most empowering?

• Would you like the techniques?

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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