Case Study: A Woman Always Treated As Second Best

I had a wonderful and illuminating session yesterday with a client that for all her adult life suffered with men liking her but then leaving her for other women.

A romantic relationship would occur then in a very short space of time they would leave her and go for someone else, including going back to their exes.

It was deeply upsetting and frustrating for her.

This also happened with her male bosses. They would select other women to be their main PA, leaving her as the number 2.

So, my client was perenially the 2nd choice woman.

She came to me as she instinctively knew there was deep subconscious programming causing this to happen but didn’t know what.

My job is to expose the programming, pull it out and supplant it with the most superior program.

I ran my techniques and processes to:

1. First get her DEEPLY relaxed and into her original essence which is Pure Light. This has the effect of softnening her analysis and intellect part of the mind as well as soothing the limbic system (fight flight response).

In short this allows maximum space for the mechanism of healing to occur.

2. I cleared and cleaned the top level feelings associated with the issue: hurt, fear, pain …. this clears out the first strata of emotions so I can get to the root buried deep in the subconscious. It also has the effect of making her less reactionary about the issue.

3. I ran a process to reveal the root. In her case images and memories of her father and mother came from when she was young: of what appeared to be her father laying with other women and her mother sick and weak lying on the floor.

The archetype of the philandering father and weak mother ran as a program in her mind and the equivalent of this was happening in her world.

4. I removed all these programs and ran techniques that completely cleared them.

5. I ran other techniques to optimise the father mother program in her. She felt amazing, expanded, confident, free.

It will be interesting to see what happens with men and bosses now.

What limiting events seem to keep happening to you?

Would you like to be free of them once and for all?

If so book a discovery call here:

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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