Case Study: Healing The Intense Need To Control Everything

I was deeply honoured this morning to do some work with someone who had a deep-seated terror of losing control in her life.

For most of her adult life, her mind told her it was too scary NOT to control absolutely everything and one of the physical manifestations was her diaphragm constricting .. likely as armoury to block her from perceived/imagined pain coming in at her from the world.

All this originates from childhood. No need to go into what here. Needless to say her childhood primed her mind to be this way.

In order to resolve this, what we did was to:

1. Clear the top-line feelings of fear. Get her into her body, out of her head. Her head was not helping her, after all.

2. Once we got the fear from around a 9/10 to a 3/10 I went deeper to see what the underlying strata was ~ in this case absolute terror of losing control and feeling vastly unsafe.

That is actually great as once you access the deep-seated layer of terror, that is one layer away from true freedom. It is like a bank of clouds you can clear away to reveal the Sun that’s always there.

3. I used a clearing sequence that has about 8 stages to completely remove it. The client could not understand how it went so easily.

She felt light, easy, relaxed. Let’s see what the next sessions bring.

Over to you now:

– Do you have fear at all in your life that affects you badly?

– When do you find you have it most?

– In what ways does it hurt or limit you?

– What is the value of removing it? What would be the upside in your life to not have it anymore?

– Who would you be without fear? What would you be able to do without it?

Feel free to enquire about sessions.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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