Overcoming Awful Anxiety

I’ll make this post very brief.

If you have anxiety you’ll know the terrible feelings that come with this emotion as well as the awful foreboding mental states and entirely unhelpful thoughts.

You just wish you knew how to turn it down or off, as you likely know that the thoughts that come with it are out of all proportion to the situation you’re in pain over, correct?

Having had anxiety for the best part of 15 years of my adult life, studying all kinds of psychotherapeutic modalities over that time, my interest has always been to cut through the noise and find THE MOST USEFUL tool or technique.

This process “came to me” a few years ago when I was fretting about a terrible life situation (I was imagining my then partner who I’d recently split from who I still loved sleeping with other men ~ may as well be completely honest in the interests of complete transparency, which is the correct medium for full healing, right? We all have our wounds to deal with in this lifetime).

Anyway so she lived in another country and I knew we were done as a relationship but these awful thoughts of her sleeping with other men kept popping into my mind, which were hurting me deep each time and causing trouble. I wanted to react to it, it was causing a lot of chaos and consternation both internally and externally.

Then this Higher Awareness dropped in of “here you are fretting, she’s probably just at home on her own having a tea” and then “this idea of her sleeping with others is coming from within you, it’s entirely a perceptual bubble of your own creation”.

Then I had the idea of saying to this perceptual bubble:

I’m surrounding this with Light.

It all dissolved and evaporated and the pain completely disappeared. I saw it all how we are causing our own pain, especially in these fantasy-not-necessarily-reality type situations.

So whatever you are going through right know, know that the perceptual bubble is coming from you, and you can say to it ~ the thoughts, the feelings, the internal imagery ~ “I’m surrounding this with Light”.

Try it. How did you get on?

If you want more tools and techniques like this take a look around this site.



Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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