New Course ~ Healing The Wounds Of The Heart To Reveal The Light That You Are

“The Light of Love is highly attractive in that we are pulled to it, it being our True Nature and the Source of our True Nature. It’s akin to a search Light, burning away the illusions of the small self.

In the same way, we are pulled by romantic love and to the degree the ego is pulled in with it and not dissolved in this Light of meeting with the other, is the degree to which sabotage of the relationship happens.”

Dan Sainsbury, Healing The Wounds Of The Heart To Reveal The Light That You Are (new course starting May 2019).

Hi All,

Does the above resonate?

How does the “relationship wound” affect you?

Do you want to heal all the wounds of the heart, once and for all?

What do you think happens when you do?

In what way does your wound sabotage you?

What does a perfect fearless relationship look like for you?

The course is 12 weeks, delivered 1 to 1 with some group work (on Zoom call / FB private group).

If you’d like to be considered for the course please email your answers to the above questions to:

You will then have a brief interview with Dan to establish whether there is a fit and so you can ask questions.

This is a very powerful opportunity to break the limiting paradigms you have and experience true Heaven, here.

Alternatively you can book a Zoom (audio) call with Dan:


In this course you will learn:

What the wound is and how it’s formed

A deeper component of the wound that is spiritual in nature

How the wound flares up and is activated

How it affects and destroys relationships

How it attracts partners at the level it is healed/not healed

How to heal it

How to attract a partner that is RIGHT

How to maintain an optimal relationship

How a healed relationship is a PORTAL for Divine Light here


Healing your relationship wound is directly linked with fast-track spiritual awakening and will bring more Light here.

It will bring you closer to a direct experience of your Higher Self

Investment level: only £595 til 21st May.

£795 thereafter.

Structure: 12 weeks x 1 hour a week.

To book or to ask any questions, Dan’s contact info:

+44 77239 25056


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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