Most would agree that the most beautiful, intimate and loving relationships provide a depth and magic and majesty to life.

When they are going well, they provide so much support and scintillation, and particularly when you are in the first throes of love, you can feel capable of anything.

Endless energy springs forth from you, you look ten years younger (despite possibly sleeping less!) and even the most mundane things take on a beatific hue.

… Alas, the opposite is also true …

When they are going badly and become derailed, they can feel disastrous and debilitating.

They can take the wind out of your sails, leave you feeling very low and depleted and can very often descend into mistrust, pain and almost constant petty infighting.

A spiral of decay and destruction where there was once talk of marriage and “happy ever after”.

**** Why is this?

As a keen observer of relationships and in particular the DEEP PSYCHOLOGY of relationships, this is precisely because the EGO IS ACTIVATED AND FLUSHED UP in the heat and Light of a relationship.

Navigating a relationship can be akin to riding a wild horse PARTICULARLY WHEN there is still a lot of UNHEALED WOUND / EGO in the person.

Thankfully I have created a blueprint and roadmap to solve this. It will allow you to:

A) heal all the ego and wound in you related to relationships

B) cease all the sabotaging behaviours and projections

C) attract and be attracted to someone at your stage in the journey.

D) do the “internal work” so you can enjoy all the beauty and riches relationships have to offer.

Who is into this?

I’m looking for 12 dedicated and devoted people for this course.

The course will be delivered live, 1-on-1, together with a private group of the 12, and group calls for enhanced collective healing and interaction.

If you’re interested in this and want more info, follow this link / message me.

It’s a course I’m immensely happy with.

For you to complete it means a step closer to experiencing your most powerful, benevolent self and to extend more Light here.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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