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You’ve been given some kind of target: a project to deliver on, a financial revenue target to hit. You have, let’s say, 1 month to do it.

At the beginning of the project, do you have that typical “How on earth am I going to do this?” type of mentality?

As a psychologist and therapist I am fascinated with how to make life easier for both my clients and myself, knowing that the mind plays a central function in everything. 

In this case specifically, HOW to use the power of the mind to produce best outcomes in the projects you undertake?

Here is the process I use with my clients (both corporate and individual) and myself.

Step 1: Get Extremely Relaxed

When the mind/body is totally relaxed, that is the inner culture that produces the best ideas. The more open and relaxed you are, the more that insights and inspiration can drop into you like droplets from Heaven.

Insight, inspiration, next-best-action, highest-level strategy all come when you are relaxed and beautifully engaged, like a violin string that’s not too taut and not too slack.

Here’s how to get very relaxed.

– close your eyes, bring your mind down into body, to just below the navel, and about an inch into the body

– watch the inbreath all the way into the body, keeping your eye on the inbreath all the way in, then relaxing on the outbreath

– continue watching the inbreath in this way for 5 rounds of breath

– any time you are pulled in by your thoughts come back immediately to the inbreath, watching it all the way in. Watch what happens when you keep your eyes on the inbreath even just for 1 round of breath

– you may notice that as you continue with this, the breath becomes deeper and longer. This is great.

This is a foundational relaxation exercise and will get you relaxed pretty quickly. There are a couple of beautiful advanced exercises which I am happy to share too. Please get in touch if you want them.

Step 2: Once Relaxed, Provoke Your “Higher Mind” To Give You The Answers

As I mentioned, the best culture for the best insights is when very relaxed.

Then, IN COMBINATION WITH asking the right questions and then awaiting the answer in calm readiness is the next stage.

The trick is to ASK the question and then LET THE ANSWER COME, rather than rushing into give the answer. If you try and use your intellect to “get” the answer it will not be as high level or inspirational as it could be. 

Think of it like throwing a boomerang. You don’t throw the boomerang and chase after it, you throw it and it comes back.

As Einstein once said, give me an hour to solve a critical problem and for 45 minutes I will work out the best question and spend 15 minutes answering it.

So, in this relaxed state, with a clear and open mind, ask the following:

What is the perfect outcome with this project?

And let the answer come.

Ask it again, let the answer come.

Ask it once more if you like, letting the answer come.

This exact question provokes your higher mind, sometimes called the superconscious mind (the house of your inspired thoughts), to generate the answers for you.

Write the answers down, noting also how they feel. If the feeling is one of joy and expansion, scintillation, that kind of thing, you are in the right area!

This perfect outcome (PO) gives you your Vision and Target for the project as well as the feelings (fuel) of excitement rather than dread or overwhelm.

Step 3: Create The Perfect Strategy or Method

Once you know your PO then it’s time to create the method by which to get there.

We’re going to use a superlative question again to assist with this.

Again, nice and relaxed, ask the following, letting the answer come to you.

What is the perfect way to ENSURE this (PO) happens?

Note the answers.

Ask it again to see what else is provoked.

Note the answers.

Repeat the PO question to see if there’s more Vision to generate.

Likewise the PW question.

Note the answers and how it feels.

Step 4: Right Next Steps

Now is the time to understand what the best next step is to ensure the PO happens. Again we are going to do this with a question.

What is the perfect thing I can do right now to ensure this happens? Let the answer come.

This will provide a clear order to the strategy to achieve your Vision for the project.


The above steps give you your Vision, Strategy and Execution, all coming from a high level in your mind.

You can continue this process at certain points throughout the project, whatever your project is, to ensure great outcomes. And great outcomes that are produced with mainly inspiration rather than perspiration! With joy rather than with stress and overwhelm.


Dan Sainsbury is a psychologist and therapist based in Surrey, UK.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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