Impostor Syndrome

The deepest fundaments of the ego-mind can be characterised by a feeling of not being good enough or worthy enough.

This is highlighted by the sheer numbers of outwardly very successful people, be they sportsmen, businessmen and the like who are stricken with impostor syndrome. Seemingly, for many, the more successful they are, the more the impostor syndrome (IS) is turned up. That is, the idea they are going to be found out as a fraud or not being good enough.

For the unitiated into the realms of transcending the ego, people BELIEVE the stories that this part of the mind pumps out and so remain stuck there and in needless turmoil.

Even for the initiates, they often fall into the trap of these punitive, illusory stories.

The trick is to CATCH these self-limiting and self-punishing stories as they arise and then find a way to CLEAR them.

For, as these stories arise it’s actually a WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITY to dig in and clear them. When you do, you are literally melting away the cornerstones of the illusory egoself to make way for your most Divinely empowered Self.

The question is do you know how to dig in and clear these stories?

If you found a way to completely remove the feelings of not good enough, what would be the value of that?

What would you do in your life if this did not arise?

How would you feel?

Would you love guidance in transcending this?

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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