How To Exit The Meaning Loop

You’re triggered. Perhaps you see a look in someone’s eye that spells trouble.

Perhaps someone looks at you in a particular way that seems superior or haughty.

Perhaps someone’s not there for you when you are always there for them.

What does that provoke in you?

What is the internal narrative that is automatically forthcoming?

What is the emotional feeling that comes with it?

Now, you have 2 choices. To go with the narrative, be eaten up by it, allow old stories to spin and flare, cement yourself in by these woeful lines of meaning. Limit yourself in this awful prison.

OR … you can chose to be unlimited, to fly free from these stories to experience you as your most majestic, powerful self.

How? One way is to NOTICE the feeling that goes with the meaning/story and breathe INTO the feeling. This clears the feeling.

Continue til it’s all gone.

Repeat til the silly narrative is no more.

Far better to become acquainted with who you truly are rather than old stories, right?


COMPLIMENTARY INTRO SESSION. For all new clients who wish to sample my work you are welcome to a session with me.

That way you can have a direct experience of how quickly old problems disappear. Eg anxiety, worthlessness and on and on.

If this is you, just message and we’ll set it up.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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