Client Reviews

“Working with Dan remotely has been a phenomenal experience.

Dan’s process is simple, non-intrusive and powerful.  Honestly it is really difficult to put the process into words, it’s an experience and a release that I recommend to everyone.”

Sheila Bristow/Psychotherapist, April 2020, Canada


“For many years, I spent money, time, and effort in an unsuccessful attempt to release painful emotions, memories, and patterns that stood in the way of living in freedom, wholeness and inner peace.

Finally, through grace, I came upon the work of Dan Sainsbury.

After our very first session, enough “gunk” had been addressed, through Dan’s methods, that I could sense a palpable shift in my being.  The very next day, I once again was singing as I went about the house, something I hadn’t done in years!

After each subsequent session, (I had a lot of issues!), I began to feel lighter and more comfortable within myself.

It has been amazing for me just to get to know Dan and experience his work. Somehow, he is able to connect with spiritual guidance and remove or transform that which is not in alignment with the Truth of our being – which is Light.

Between sessions, I have been using the methods that he teaches.  After all these years, what a joy it is to possess tools that really do the job!

Thank you, Dan, for all the dedication and work that you have done to further your growth, so that you may, in turn, be such a gift to us who are  willing to call upon your services.”

Sue Lindsay, USA, April 2020


I am challenged to find the words to describe how helpful Dan Sainsbury has been for me in our transformational healing sessions.

Meeting Dan has been a long-awaited answer to questions I have had about how to change the automatic responses I have had to life situations.

His methods are easy to understand and do, and the results are instantaneous!

His own intuitive abilities flow from a well-practiced connection with his own Guides, and even after several miraculous and life-changing and energetic shifts, I keep coming back for more because I feel like I have finally found someone with the abilities and willingness to help me break through my old s*** that has held me back for so long.

Thank you Dan Sainsbury for helping me to blossom into a version of myself that has been calling to me and waiting for me for my whole life.  When you are ready the teacher will come.”

Suzy Quinn, USA, April 2020


“When I first spoke to Dan I was at my lowest ebb; I was separated from my wife and I was struggling to identify what was ‘wrong with me’.  After struggling with anxiety and depression through my teens and twenties, I had become a deeply negative and critical person, so much so that my wife had had enough.  I hated myself and had no idea how to ‘get better’.

After the first two sessions with Dan I was able to clear so much of the negativity, frustration and irritability, not only during the session but on my own at later times.  The techniques he taught me are so powerful that I could clear a life time of negative thoughts by directly tackling and challenging the emotional aspect inside me.

I am a different person to the one that took the decision to contact Dan – I no longer see life in the same way, and I don’t have the same constant irritability and frustration with things around me any more (when I do feel it, I know I can clear it).  My wife noticed the change in me, and several months later we are back together, and the relationship is refreshed and cleansed.

I still have times when the ‘old-patterns’ and ‘old thoughts’ creep in, but I can quickly identify them and clear them with Dan’s incredible techniques.  I cannot thank Dan enough for helping me through one of the toughest times of my life, with a renewed happiness in my being, not just with me but with everyone around me.  Thank you Dan.” CH, London

“Today I experienced my first session with Dan after months of reading his Facebook posts and various essays.

I found his manner and the method he uses to be beautifully simple and direct without feeling overwhelming.

I was able to address several long standing and unresolved emotional areas with ease with Dan’s gentle yet firm guidance.

I feel hopeful and exhilerated when I think of several areas of my life that have been pain-filled.  I’m curious to witness what comes next and highly recommend Dan to anyone who is ready for something new and exciting AND who is willing to feel that which may be uncomfortable.” Sandra Bowles, USA


“Daniel, you are so easy to work with. It was instantly like sitting comfortably with a dear friend. What impressed me most is how fast and efficient you are. But even more than is your ability to be so incredibly present and aware. Thank you.” Amy St. Michael, US


“I have gotten so much value from working with Dan. He shares life-changing tools with you” Cassia Grace


“Your method definitely goes deep and works faster than EFT. I am feeling peaceful”. Catherine (name withheld)


“I have been working with Dan for the past 8 weeks and to say this work is transformational is a profound understatement.

Long standing fears and wildly limiting beliefs have shifted, but more importantly, I’ve been able to maintain a whole new vibrational state within my being. 

I’m clearing out deep seated fears, doubts and shame and finding more and more moments of pure ease and bliss. 

After our sessions I feel elated by our work and I find myself relaxing into a peaceful state more and more of the time. 

If you are ready to work on a very deep level, go for it! You will be so glad you did. I truly am.”

Carrie Contey PhD


“Daniel’s middle name is Christopher. His name reminds me of Christophorus, the giant who carried the little child on his shoulders all the way through the river to the other side. Even while, in the middle of the river, the water reached over Christophorus his head, he still carried the child savely all the way to the other side. 

When I found myself in a very difficult time of my life, right after my divorce, caring for my two little children and having so many challenges I could easily drown, Daniel was expertly leading me through this whole situation and helped me and my children safely to the other side.

In a metaphoric way, one could say that one side of this river of life is a live perception of fear and distrust, pain and restriction. The other side is an experience of love, trust, awareness, clarity, abundance and freedom.

Daniel and I worked together for a longer time, transforming deep feelings of fear, grieve and anger. The negative emotions felt and seemed so real. Only when I started to recognise they were a creation of mind and I started to apply the techniques Daniel handed to me, some profound changes appeared. Together we brought the root causes of trauma into the light, and I felt an instant shift into love and presence.

For me, to be able to cross this river I really needed someone to rely on. Like we all do, I wanted to clear the deep pain and fear, but it was the fear itself withdrawing me. Right from the beginning, Daniel was respectfully giving me the lead, while giving clear guidance and deep trust at the same time. 

Daniel knows this work by heart. He is present and open, fun to work with. He knows exactly how to transform difficult situations, questions and emotions into presence, love and light.

During our sessions together, I felt completely safe while doing the work. I could rely on him.  Every session Daniel guided me into a higher perspective, reconnecting me with my higher wisdom and intuition.

In the time we worked together I had many very challenging life situations, which instantly blocked my energy and caused withdrawal from presence and love. Daniel was able to learn me to reconnect myself to my inner strength instantly, dealing with the situation from a point of calm, clear view and focus. By changing my perception, and working with NLP I am now able to actually change the situation from within. 

It feels wonderful and gives me peace and freedom to apply the techniques and to transform fear into love. I can make my plans come true more and more and I grow in confidence. 

Life is like a river and the water changes all the time. From my new perspective, my energy is higher, I am experiencing love and joy and connection with the people around me. I am inviting myself every day for an optimisation of my life. I sincerely do wish you the same.” Petra, Holland





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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

2 thoughts on “Client Reviews

  1. Since working with Daniel my life has become a lot clearer.
    I love how fast seemingly deep rooted problems disappear!
    Dan’s intuition is always spot on
    Calling me out when I’m still trying to hold on to the fear
    I highly recommend you book a session with Daniel and see for yourself how easier life can be …

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