Fear As The Fuel Of Disempowerment

To fear anything gives it power over you.

And we know it’s subjective and inaccurate as an emotion as the person next to you probably doesn’t have that fear.

You may also recall something that you used to be afraid of as a child that you are no longer afraid of. How do you feel about that thing now? Still have any power over you?

What 99.9% of people do not know is that you can actually remove fear deliberately, as a technique.

And when you do all power floods back to you, as well as the Light of peace, clarity and equanimity. You will just KNOW instinctively how to deal skilfully with the person | thing | situation that you were once afraid of.

Here is the technique. It landed in my lap when I most needed it a few years ago:

Think of the situation that gives you fear

Bring your awareness down into the body where you feel the sensation of fear

Stay in the body with the feeling

Say to the feeling, “I’m surrounding this with Light”

Then “I’m surrounding all of this with Light”

Then put two fingers on your heart-centre (midway point halfway up your chest) and say I love myself, I am myself.

See now what’s happened to the fear.

Come down a bit? A lot?

Now when you think about the thing that gave you fear, how is it now?

Repeat the exact sequence with what REMAINS of the feeling of fear.

Get it to as close to zero as possible.


Now, when it’s zero or very low, what’s your PERCEPTION of the original issue now?

Different, correct?

Calmer, poised, more empowered?

Now repeat the sequence if there is even a REMNANT of fear left as any remnant causes a shadow-based projection.

Now do the sequence to ANYTHING you are afraid of.

What’s the true benefit of doing this for anything that has power over you?

If you need clarification on any of the above, let me know.


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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