The Roadmap From Problem To Paradise

I have found the map that takes my clients from their biggest problem in life to their most desired outcome.

I call it problem-to-Paradise and it uses 3 of my most powerful techniques.

1. I take them through a process that dynamically clears the current emotional/psychological/energetic part of the problem. Namely, I ensure the current perception of the problem is healed.

I do this by “negating the negative” or shifting the person out of negative into AT LEAST neutral.

2. I then find out what the person wants instead. What the best possible outcome is. I deliberately engineer questions when the client is by now in a place of sweet calm and equanimity so that their higher mind/best self answers.

I continue asking a sequence of great questions til we are sure their perfect outcome has been revealed.

The physical aspect of this is important too. I have the client FEEL the perfect outcome as if it’s now happening. So that they vibrate according to the vibration of a perfect outcome. Get a vibrational match we are half way there.

3. I then find out the best ways to ensure the outcome happens, again using the client’s higher mind. We then draw up a TO DO LIST and against each activity we CHECK IN WITH the client’s “Inner Divine Guidance” to see whether that activity would bring the client to their goal.

I then teach the client to ENSURE 1-3 make perfect sense and that they can do it themselves, so that they can be great at the process.

Each stage uses deep energy work as well as the psychological element so that the whole mindbody moves rather than just conceptual/cognitive, if that makes sense. If it’s just conceptual is too superficial to move the client into superlative action.

If you’d like to experience this for yourself please book via PayPal ( The first session is £75.

You can also grab a copy of my book that goes deeper into the process called The Keys To The Kingdom £7.99 via PayPal.

If you’d instead like a quick chat to see if this is for you please direct message me +44 77239 25056.

To your best!


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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