You hear it all the time.

Someone says the most important thing (MIT) for them in their life is peace and happiness yet none of their activities in the day are structured to produce that.

Another example would be an MIT of “being healthy” yet no platform or structure to guarantee that result.

The reason being is that the mind is not your friend.

It’s akin to being pulled by 10,000 wild horses in different directions.

Unless you know your MIT AND the way to achieve it AND what to do right now, the mind goes back to mush, to mediocrity, to middling.

Even when I have run the Life or Thought Optimisation Template with people, they love it, they:

• See exactly what’s most important for them

• They then see HOW to make it happen

• They see even what they need to do right now

Namely, their:




AND YET the next day, their mind – so unused to discipline and focus and structure and being HONED – will flab amorphously and try and redirect them. I know that, so I’m on ’em again 12 hrs later. 24 hrs later.

Til I know it’s then a self-perpetuating mechanism!

It’s SO important, once you know your MIT, to devote yourself to it wholesale. Every day. Multiple times a day.

Over to you:

What’s the most important thing in your life? How would you know, at the end of life, YES life has been a success?

What’s the best way to ensure it happens?

What’s the best thing to do right now to ensure it happens?

Why’s it so important to you?


If you want to REALLY lock down on your MIT, your best way to make it happen, your best next step to make it happen, your reason Why that is your FUEL, give me a shout. I’ll bring you there.


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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