Client Case Study

So I want to share with you a session I did today which is so typical that has happened so many times with many different people and I know this will help you.

So I am working with an up-and-coming healer / medium who was afraid of exploring and then using her gifts and I’ve seen it so many times — including in myself many years ago.

So without going into all the detail of the cognitive narrative of what the fears were (as that could take 40 years!) I want to just explain to you how I did the healing work to shift her reality in about 40 minutes.

I did the healing of her CURRENT perception about becoming a visible healer/medium — and we worked at the level of the FEELING of the fear itself. The reason I do that is that the feeling is the fueling for the mindset or the perception, and perception by its nature is faulty.

The word somewhat gives it away: per-ception is a per-centage of the Truth.

So we go into the feeling itself in the body, and we clear. The more we did that the more her mindset, her perception, elevated iteratively from

“I can’t do this. No way.”

To “I can kinda see myself doing this” to “Ah this is ok actually”.

So that is Step A is we heal the current perception to a point where it’s at least neutral, veering to positive.

Step B is what I call Future Optimisation. The way I do that is by, now that she’s in a relaxed state, bringing her awareness down into the heart centre, I ask what I call a Superlative Question, one that deliberately provokes her higher mind to answer:

“What’s the best outcome of being a healer/medium?”

The answer came to her and she just saw herself loving doing the work, such a relief that it had worked out, happy that it’s financially viable.

We ran those questions a few times to really provoke the Vision and with it the beautiful feelings of expansion come.

I then move to Stage 3 which is AUGMENTATION, amplification and embodiment of the FEELINGS of the future desired state so that she feels it now, embodied. The future desired state becomes a present moment reality. A new perception.

Her perception has moved from fear-based to Love-based.

Now, in her own words, she will not die with the music still in her.


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