HiSAM: High Integrity Sales and Marketing


It’s really hard to stand out amid all the 100,000 coaches and therapists that exist.

It’s really hard for consumers to KNOW that YOU are the go-to person in this field.

Coaches who have barely 1 week of training behind them can get “in on the act” and by dint of mesmerising marketing, funnels, landing-pages and all the modern smoke-and-mirrors, can land-grab and sign up people for $1000+ and then give NO relief to the client’s problem.

Have you noticed this?

YOU who have the highest integrity, YOU who have the tremendous gift and track-record in helping people, it’s YOU I want to assist.

I give a course 4 x a year called “Hi SAM”, High Integrity Sales and Marketing,

The next one starts Feb 23rd.

Maximum Group Size is 5 so I can devote my time to you to ensure you are successful as you deserve to be.

Many thanks, and to your best.

PS This is for therapists only not coaches.


It’s 12 weeks deep dive into the most beautiful, refined, elegant way of getting in front of and communicating with the people you most want to help.

Here are the details:

Week 0

On signing up, Dan will send you a questionnaire so that he can understand what your therapy is, who you typically help and what your ultimate desires are pertaining to your therapy business.

Weeks 1-3: Setting Out The Stall:

Understanding, Defining, Delineating your “minimum viable target market”

Who can you REALLY help?

Who are you REALLY drawn to helping in the world?

Who is your community? How do you wish to commune and communicate with your community?

The importance of a “minimum viable target market”.

What do you care about in the world? What’s your cause? (Knowing this unlocks your creative and execution energy)

What’s the outcome of someone working with you? 

What state are they in before working with you? And afterward?

Weeks 4-6: Communing With Your ‘Non-Local’ Community

Where do they hang out?

What are the best marketing materials that will draw them?

What’s the message and the story that moves them?

1:1 sessions?


Deliver the marketing and see the results. Test, tweak, feedback, optimise. 

Weeks 7-9: High Integrity Selling and Enquiry-Conversion and Maximising The Value Of The “Deal”

How to convert an enquiry to a paying client using a science-based sequence.

How to move a client from the idea of ad hoc “cost per” sessions to bulk, value-based buying.

How to use the “art of the arc”: the scientific basis of asking the RIGHT SEQUENCE of questions to a prospect, instead of trying to persuade or cajole or pitch to maximise the size of the ‘deal’.

How to use the right question at the right time to trigger someone into action. 

How to use a No to provoke someone into movement.

Becoming client-centric not ego-centric.

Weeks 10-12: Finessing Your Sales And Marketing

Honing, finessing your marketing sequences and client-generation abilities.

How to ensure your happiest clients become a HiSAM machine for you


1. This is the broadest structure. Dan will modify as to the needs of the group as and when it matters. 

2. Your perfect outcome of the course is what Dan will deliver to.

3. The perfect outcome of your therapy business, rather your Empire, is what you and Dan care about.

To express your interest, please fill out the below:


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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