The Golden Upward Spiral


Did you know that when you manage to totally clear your fear about a situation, that very often the perfect version of that situation naturally reveals itself?

This has happened in my life and in the lives of many clients so many times that I see the pattern of causation clearly.

Some examples:

▪ A lady ranting and raving about her separated husband that he had not been paying her and her daughter’s upkeep even though he was wealthy and she not. She was SO incensed during one session, he hadn’t paid them for years, then we cleared ALL the negativity in her then DURING THE SESSION he texted out of the blue saying he’s ready to do a deal. Before then she hadn’t heard from him in years.

▪ A lady who wanted to leave her boyfriend and ask him to leave her house but she was too afraid to as he had anger issues. We cleared ALL her fear and guilt about leaving him. He ended up coming to her the very next morning, very calmly saying he had to leave. Relationship over, no problem. She’s now very happy with someone else.

▪ A lady with traumatic wounding from being abused as a child kept on dating charming men who ended up being abusive. We healed ALL her wound til she felt free and fearless, the most gorgeous men kept asking her out on dates, and a dear friend who’d she’d known for a while even proposed. She asked me “how she could turn this thing down!”.

▪A lady who’d had awful experiences with a property and she just could not sell it. I cleared ALL her negativity about it, we ran a process where she saw and felt ONLY the best outcome and within 2 weeks it was sold. A lot of money in her bank.

I have about 20 other examples of this, in my or clients’ lives.


How you FEEL about something can dictate the ongoing NATURE of that situation.

The inner is causing the outer. Heal the inner to reveal and manifest the best possible version of the situation.

If you can clear and remove ALL negativity, what I call “fdc” (fear, doubt and concern) about a situation, that situation then rewrites itself along the miraculous lines. Miracles need at least a TEMPORARY suspension of judgment and doubt.

• Do you see how this works?

• What situation(s) would you like to see transform in this way?

• Would you like help with it?

• What would be the benefit of truly nailing this?


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To your best,


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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