Healing The Relationship Woundology


Some of the biggest pain we have in life is related to intimate relationships.

I have often commented that if you see someone bawling their eyes out in public, it’s usually not because someone’s just died, but that someone has left them or is about to leave them.

Intimate relationships are so incredibly complex and delicate, and for many, so fraught with risk and potential triggers that it can feel like navigating a minefield.

It can sometimes feel as though a glowing, glistening wound opens up in the centre of your chest as soon as someone means something to you.

Relationship after relationship seems doomed and you wonder HOW you’re going to get it right, because if you do, it could be so majestic.

The Wound

The relationship wound is the part of you that sabotages relationships or that attracts you to partners that aren’t right in the long-term.

The wound can force you into performing behaviours that are suboptimal, even unrecognisable to you.

The wound can lead you to staying with abusive partners a little like a moth to a flame.

The wound is complex .. BUT IF HEALED, releases in you the deepest wellsprings of freedom and power and self-love.

IF HEALED .. will only attract you to the right partners who know and see and respond to your intrinsic beauty and value.

Introductory Session:

In the free intro session with Dan, he will:

• See your history in relationships: your choices, what has happened, the themes, the biggest challenges so far and Dan will take you through his techniques that will free you at the deepest and most expansive levels.

You can also download the Relationship Healing Roadmap which will give you a great overarching structure.

In the further sessions, you and he will

• Use deep healing and transformational psychology techniques to 100% HEAL all of the wound so there is no more fear, no more pain and no more prison-prism through which all manner of distortion is seen, which causes a lot of the problems. So that you are deeply and totally free.

• Paradigm shift your view of relationships so that you are not an “acquisitive consumer” within them or of them, but a co-creator, one that can have a maximally beautiful partnership and not a dysfunctional mess of infighting or terrible relating.

• Where your partner looks upon you with great love and awe rather than someone they can pick up and put down when they want.


The result of these sessions is freedom and joy at the deepest levels and being with partners who are incredible for long-term symbiotic relationships.

To book your free intro session, complete the below:


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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