A couple of times recently people have come to me to clear an over-availability of emotional negativity, we cleared it then something else arose, from the deep!

Sounds scary but it’s amazing.

So we clear the emotion that’s present – could be anger, could be fear, could be layer upon layer of different emotions fear, then, hate, then loneliness, it can keep on coming. We clear til it’s ALL gone.

Then, something interesting can happen. A PHYSIOLOGICAL event can happen e.g. a tightness in chest or contraction around the heart.

I know by now that this is pointing to a DEEPER set of memories or experiences that also have to be cleared out. Memories that often POINT TO why there is an over-abundance of certain emotions in the individual or why they’ve come to see me in the first place.

These are the cause memories – the events that have happened that CAUSE the particular dilemmas the individual faces in adulthood, their challenges, relationship problems, limiting self-belief or damaging beliefs about certain aspects of the world, even those psychosomatic health issues that completely confuse doctors.

Once you CLEAR the over-abundance of emotional negativity AND the pernicious root-cause memories, like pulling a thorn out from deep in the skin, finally the pain can go and with it all the infection. It all gets cleared out and wiped clean.

If you are struggling with any emotion (anger, hate, fear, anxiety etc) let me know. We will clear it all AND pull out any negative memories.

When we do, it’s like deleting programs on the computer that are taking up waaay too much space and energy. When we do, so much Light and power and wisdom will be restored to you.

Up for that?

If so please book in a time for an intro consultation here.



Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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