Life Optimisation Template


I was speaking to a very dear girl yesterday, full of great Light and promise yet whose mind is akin to that of a glitterball; sparkling in 1000 directions but none really going all the way.

She was tired by social media, realising her attention span had been culled by the shallow, dopamine-firing soundbytes and ridiculous gifs, so had switched it all off only to finding herself endlessly swiping on a dating site.

Immediately a solution comes through me, which it often does if I’m in help mode, and this is about having a point in life. An overarching “magnetic North” that you can reorient by if you get lost.

With no fundamental point or purpose or Why, we get easily blown off course, investing in micro bits of pleasure and hedonism rather than ploughing directly into Why you are here in this lifetime.

I have created a platform which allows you to see WHY you are here and then direct life and your days around that. I call it the Life Optimisation Template.

It will ensure you blast through the noise of life and stay on track with your most important thing here.

Sound good?

You can download it right here


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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