The Machinery Of A Miracle

Yesterday something happened, the likes of which has happened so many times, that I want to share the machinery of how it works.

Someone I’d been working with had been experiencing some drama and difficulties in her immediate family life. There had been some in-fighting and she was troubled by this. As someone who had a natural tendency to ‘wcs’ or worst-case scenario, her mind would periodically be flooded with fear about some catastrophisation that might befall her.

I kept her focussed on the work, which was for her NOT to let her mind and body go to drama. To DE-dramaticise. To remove fdc (fear, doubt and concern) as soon as it arises.

Then booom, last night, we were chatting away, some fear came up for her “Yeah, but what if ..?” and I asked her to clear it. She did. She then went to neutral. Then it dawned on her to send Love and Light in her mind to one of the family members tied up in the infighting.

5 minutes later he texted with a lovely message.


To put it academically, she’d dropped all her hitherto perceptual points about the situation, sent Light instead and the situation then melts and unravels to reflect the inner shift. Make sense?


Now what situation can you do this for?

Where can you clear ALL your fdc and send Light instead?

NB. If you want real mastery at this, message me. I’ll get you very set up for miracle-mindedness!



Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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