The Feeling Is The Cornerstone

You have often heard me say that the emotional feeling in the body is the fuelling for the projection.

Change the feeling and the projection changes. In the space of a few seconds.

Have you noticed how your emotional state can change on a sixpence?

You could be entirely dreading something one moment, then another thought comes in of a more pleasant hue and your whole internal state changes. Then you can’t recall what you were thinking about that was causing such dread.

Ridiculous isn’t it? All the while you’re still doing something mundane like waiting for a bus and all that internal drama has been going on. Feels like you’ve been part of a Spielberg masterpiece just while waiting for a number 45.


Everyone is going through their own version of this. Their own internal flashes and bangs and torment and relief, throughout the day. You could have the most mundane life but the richest inner world!

Does this point to the ridiculousness of subjectivity? Of the ludicrousness of the inner world?


The upside of the fact that emotions come and go is that they are inherently shiftable and clearable, like mists clearing to reveal the sun.

Alas, our more potent and portentous emotions such as fear, anger, guilt, unfairness are very compelling. We unconsciously are transfixed by them, which keeps them in place for an unnecessary stretch of time, and each have their own unique narrative for the particular situation that is generating them.

The narrative is not true or real, it’s just set up to feel that way. The narrative is the set of thoughts that comes with the emotion in that moment. The narrative hoodwinks us to think it’s fact.

The combination of emotion and thought-narrative give us our entire supposed reality, that we SUPERIMPOSE on a situation. Each of ours is slightly different if not entirely different. Whose is true? What is the situation without our thoughts about it?


As humans we are very up in our head which means we get lost in these narrative projections. And deem them to be true.

The way out?

Drop into the body to the way you FEEL and then clear the feeling. Can you believe we really are prisoner to that tiny scintilla of emotion in the body. The fuel to the entire false projection.


Bring your awareness down into the body. What’s the emotional feeling there right now?

Now listen to what the emotion is saying.

Do you really want the answers to these 2 questions governing your entire reality?


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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