Law Of Reflection

I struggle with the idea of the law of “attraction” because, it suggest magnets or something else of physical quality. What is it, PHYSICALLY, in you that acts as the attractor to life events? It doesn’t quite stack up.

Reflection seems more accurate.

I’ve explored this topic in depth for quite a few years and also QnA’d extensively with my Divine Guide, to get a real handle on what is going on here.

Because, if there IS a manifestation potential in us OR a part in us causing outer problems, we’d want to know about it right?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

(1) 67% life is pre-determined, already scripted, nothing you can do about it. That’s why we meet the meaningful people we meet, in some cases marry them etc.

(2) What you CAN do about it of course is your inner response. You can heal your inner response, but there’d simply be an alternate, perhaps superior script for you to access and live out as a result of that.

(3) 15% of the time, if you’ve been approaching a situation with fear and negativity AND THEN you shift out of that state into peace/love THERE WILL BE A MIRACLE occurring in that situation: a dramatic and beautiful shift occurring on the outside (I’ve given multiple examples of this in previous posts- let me know if you want examples).

(4) When you CLEAR your emotions ie remove and transmute negativity, life is reflected differently: life is smoother, more elegant, as if there is a Divine sequence that you could not have chosen better.

(5) When you HEAL yourself people treat you differently. As you take out all self-hatred, people respect you easier. There is a reflected value when you see the value in your own self.


There’s a lot to unpack here, but, in short, as you heal your INNER REACTIONS to situations and heal your premonitions about upcoming events, your world and life, your future, reflect those changes.

And it can happen spontaneously.

Question for you:

Would you like to learn how to heal your inner self about an outer situation?

What situation are you struggling with?


If you want help with this, to HEAL your inner world to bring beautiful shifts to an OUTER situation you are struggling with, please dm me now via WhatsApp

+44 77239 25056


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