Divine Human Potential

I’m fascinated by what the very best version of someone is, where human starts to blend in with Divine Perfection.

This is wholly possible, and as far as I see, is the only meaningful next step in evolution that would have a benevolent impact here.

But how to ensure this Divine realisation?

1/ Know that ultimately you ARE Pure Spirit. This human experience is just a transient phase. But you are Pure Spirit right in this moment, beyond all your veils of forgetfulness and unforgiveness.

2/ Clear ALL your veils of fear and guilt. They are just smokescreens, mists against the sun, and can and should be EASILY cleared. Ping me if you want to know how.

3/ Forgive who and what you need to forgive. Forgive your past. Turn and face your past and shine Light directly down it.

4/ Notice any hatred, anger, judgment in you, let it up on the inbreath and transmute it in the heart-centre, breathe it out. Also, notice subtle judgment like judging others’ judgment!

5/ Notice any fear around physical health conditions: the fear acts as a dark glue that holds conditions in place. Enquire what the unforgiveness is that the disease represents and clear the unforgiveness.

In brief, you as Divine Light here is the most transformational thing you can do for yourself and humanity. You seeing others as Divine Light, BEYOND what the physical eyes see, is equally as transformational.

If you want ANY help realising, integrating and embodying your Divinity let me know.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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