What Prevents Manifestation?


Manifestation means the life exactly as you want it actually happening as a reality.

A lot of the manifestation material out there talks too much about vibrating at a particular frequency of the outcome already attained.. which is fine BUT it does not talk about the aspect in your mind that is ANTI manifestation, which is the SHADOW or negative aspect.

If this part isn’t WHOLLY transmuted then it will pull you back into its thrall and your attempts at creating a life you adore will be muted, sabotaged, short-lived etc.

The MIRACLE manifestation would involve a TOTAL CESSATION of fear related to the situation you wish to resolve. Remember this is an INNER TO OUTER game.

So to BRILLIANTLY manifest, it’s a 2step dance.

STEP 1 “Negate the negative”

What this means is being TRANSPARENT ABOUT HOW YOU CURRENTLY FEEL about the issue you want to manifest for.

E.g. money. If you want a ton of money yet really you have a mind full of judgments about it: it’s disgusting, I hate it, I’m terrified about not having any … that is the NEGATIVE which will totally detract from your ability to have it in abundance.

So, first step TOTALLY HEAL your current perception about the issue you are working on. Clearing out ALL shadow.

And being SO HOT on transmuting ALL fdc about it.

Fdc = fear, doubt and concern.

When I’m working with clients I get them to PROACTIVELY FLUSH OUT any negative in their mind about the issue, just so I know they are fully clean.

STEP 2: Know and see in your mind’s eye clearly the perfect outcome of what you most want INSTEAD of your current situation.

Use Divine Light to crystallise the Vision in your mind and body. So that you become a natural embodied manifestor of that rather than of what you don’t want.


In short, too many people are far too aware of what they want without having realised that they are also TERRIFIED of not having it.

Negate the negative first, before you try and manifest the positive.

Make sense?

Do you want to learn more about this?

Do you want to get extremely good at it?

Message me, telling me exactly what you want, and why, and we will make it work.

Message/WhatsApp me here +44 77239 25056


Download and keep the full manifestation process: Here’s the process

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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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