Get The F.Unc Out …


This is as good a time as any to lift the bonnet (pop the hood, I don’t know the other 6200 world languages’ equivalents of this phrase .. perhaps wherever you are from please write the equivalent below πŸ˜ŠπŸ™) and reveal the ENGINE of the way fear and uncertainty work.

And from here on in I’m going to abbreviate fear and uncertainty to F.Unc. We’re going to slam dunk the f.unc today.

F.unc is an entirely natural, internally generated response by the human, HOWEVER it’s ultimately ENTIRELY unhelpful.

It OBFUSCATES a clear path forward.

It DISEMPOWERS you and leaves you weak and writhing around.

It’s WHOLLY SUBJECTIVE meaning that, even though there is a global pandemic of covid19, EACH INDIVIDUAL will have their specific INNER NARRATIVE about what it means for them.

They will also EACH have their specific level and intensity and degree of f.unc from 0-10.

F.unc is, in its essence, when distilled, no more than a FEELING in the body, which then becomes a story-line in the mind which then gets PROJECTED outwards onto the situation. The situation itself is nothing. YOU bring all the meaning and story and feeling to it.

Dan Sainsbury Sessions

In our session, we will

β€’ Clear ALL of the feeling of f.unc

β€’ That will REVEAL more clarity, AT LEAST neutrality about how to be and what to do

β€’ When we clear it to ZERO we then move into the CREATION phase, i.e. we look at what you MOST WANT TO HAPPEN in your life, and manifest that.

I’ve been doing this with a group of people since the outbreak with PHENOMENAL results. A. Their f.unc goes completely and B. They begin to be CRYSTAL-CLEAR about their future AND how to make it happen.

Slam Dunk The F.Unc Sessions

To book your session with me please fill out the form below and I can fit you in over the next 3 days.

I can absolutely guarantee you’ll love it.



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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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