The Dial


A new thing I’ve been doing with clients recently is turning the good feelings up in them all the way to their maximum.

The feelings THEY desire instead of the ones that they’ve been struggling with.

For example, empoweredness and aliveness instead of anxiety and lethargy.

This also works really well in SPECIFIC situations where, for example, you’ve been arguing a lot with your partner of late and you’ve been short-tempered AND INSTEAD you want to be kind and calm.

I call it The Dial.

Let’s do the entire process together now.

First, what’s the negative feeling you wish to clear?

Is it fear, anxiety, jealousy, anger? What is it exactly?

Go down into the body to where the FEELING is and SAY to the feeling

“I’m surrounding this with Light”

Repeat the phrase to the feeling one more time.

Think about a situation that tends to PROVOKE that feeling and say the phrase to it 2 more times.

Repeat the entire above sequence til you get to a NEUTRAL state in the body.

Now say the phrase to the feeling of neutrality. This will bring you to net positive.

How do you most WANT to feel instead?

E.g. Empowered.

Close your eyes, see a dial out in front of you. It says Empowered above it. It goes from 0-10.

What number is it on right now?

E.g. 5.

Turn it to 6 (or whatever +1 is) bring more Light in.

Turn it to 7 bring more Light in

Turn it to 8 bring more Light in

Turn it to 9 bring more Light in

Turn it to 10 bring ALL of Light in.

Shake the body, reset, look at the dial now, what number is it on now? Keep tweaking it one number up, all the way to 10 as above.

What’s that like?

You can also use this at the beginning of the day.

How do you most WANT to feel today?


How do you feel right now?


So, first, do the clearing sequence on the feeling you don’t want. THEN the dial on the feeling you do.

This will shift your entire being, energy AND perspective. Please let me know how this exercise is for you.

This is also REALLY POWERFUL if you do it live with Dan.

© Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology 2020


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Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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