Love Is The Cure: Romantic Partnership As Fast-Track To Self Healing



We all know how wonderful the honeymoon period is. You pour all that love-energy and sex-energy into that one individual. You see him/her as the one. It’s all different this time. You see the rest of your life with them.

Then boooom, something collapses, the edifice somehow dismantles. It’s no more. Just massive pain and confusion where there was once talk of happy ever after.

How’d you like it when the honeymoon period is over? When real-life kicks in? When the tide goes back out and all the rubbish that’s on the shore line is exposed? How’d you like all that stuff?

How many times has that happened to you? Amazing beginning to a relationship, massively hedonistic then booooom, over.

What just happened?!

So in that NEXT PHASE of the relationship, hard as it is, is the golden chalice that contains all the healing ingredients.

If you know how to RIDE that next phase, then you’re free.

Who’d like to turn their romantic relationships into a huge healing fest?

Who’s ready to STOP this carousel of 3 month to 3 year relationships and go HEAD-LONG into massive self-healing and therefore THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY partnership with someone who IS ready for you?

DM me. We need to talk.

Book in below for a get-to-know-each other session (please include your time zone in the comments).

This intro session will allow you to tell Dan about your key challenges when it comes to relationships, key themes that seem to reoccur plus what your ideal relationship looks like.

Dan will then furnish you with a roadmap from challenge to solution/release. (£55 including roadmap).

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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