Romantic Partner As The Catalyst For Your Massive Healing



The one YOU are hugely attracted to, the one YOU can’t seem to live without, the one YOU want to live the rest of your life with (most of the time!), the one that seems to push ALL your buttons – both the good and bad ones – RIGHT THERE you are at the crossroads of whether you let ego rule the roost, or allow the intrinsic relational MEDICINE to kick in.

Your partner is the PERFECT shape and size for you to learn some very high level life lessons OR to run headlong into the highs and lows of what you’d perhaps see in a day-time Mexican soap opera.

It’s like the lock-and-key hypothesis you find in biological enzymes: 2 agents come together and fit perfectly but instead of a beautiful activation occurring, a flushing up of all that is difficult occurs.

The one that ATTRACTS you— is actually a high-level ruse set up by Divinity for you to be UNCONSCIOUSLY attracted to deep learning and self-healing.

• What are YOUR biggest challenges when it comes to relationships?

• What are the themes that seem to reoccur?

• When do they usually fall down?

I’m opening up sessions on this very rich and beautiful subject area. Please get in touch if you want to get this part of life right. The rewards are VAST.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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