Have you noticed how TOTALLY misleading your thoughts and emotions can be?

The most obvious example is the anxiety and fear you might get before an interview (insert any fear-inducing upcoming event, e.g. exam, meeting, public speaking engagement).

The fear level may be at a 7/10 and the thought-stream will match it for intensity:

“This is awful. I don’t want to do this. They’re gonna hate me. I’m gonna get swallowed alive”.

Or it may be a 5. The thought-stream reflects that:

“Agh I don’t like this. I just hope it goes well. I may f*** it up”.

Then you do the interview and FAR from the awful images that were populating your mind with the concurrent dreadful messaging, the interviewers were actually delightful.

You question why you were so nervous.

How many times have you had this kind of thing happen? 5? 10? More?

This reveals the all too frequent fallaciousness and fallibility of your emotions and thoughts (together that make up your PERCEPTION).

Your perception is the internal “culture” through which you view something.

Perception and projection work together and simultaneously.

You PROJECT your perception onto the event, ALL happening within you.

The problem is we naturally BELIEVE our perception to be true.

Yet its frequent fallaciousness ought to give you pause, no?


This is all very well but HOW do you HEAL perception?

How to get the fear level to 1 or 0 where the inherent narrative would be more like:

“I can’t wait for this. I can’t wait to show them my value and win xyz”.

This is the subject of my 1:1 private masterclasses, the HOW to heal perception.

They are FREE to the first 5 people who comment below or DM me with a YES!

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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