Everyone dreams of the perfect relationship. One that is forever joyous, emboldening and empowering. One that involves a deeply scintillating journey through life together. One that gives the deepest sense of passion, meaning and purpose.

Yet very, very few have this. Why is that?

Romantic and intimate Love are difficult because love by its nature flushes up all the neuroses and unhealed programs that are buried deep in the psyche. It flushes up all that is not Itself.

Precisely for this reason, it can feel easier to be single, because you don’t have to “hit up against” all the matter that is generally dormant and unactivated in a life that doesn’t have the mirror of intimacy.

Romantic Love is such a piercing search-light that it can feel like you’re being turned inside out, all the previous unseen material of the unconscious suddenly flushed to the surface to be seen in all its grizzly detail.

Alas, the uninitiated RUN at this point. Or REACT egregiously, to their partner:

  • Needing confirmation 
  • Testing them
  • Displaying infantile behaviour 
  • Breaking down
  • Blaming 
  • Any other fear-based and ultimately sabotaging behaviour. 

In fact, when this psychic matter is flushed up it is precisely in this moment that there is a “sacred fork in the road”.

Do you go down the route of the ego (the fragile sense of self that has a constant need to survive and exploit) which is a route ultimately of very limited growth, usually decay, death and destruction ….. or the route of total healing?

Taking the sacred route means to meet unhealed matter as it arises and MELT it. This will allow you to break through and become your most incredible, loving, fearless self. 

To then have the most joyous, empowered relationship. 

It will be my pleasure to show you exactly how to do this.


Love can often feel PRECARIOUS, unsafe. Yet there are things you can do to feel TOTALLY safe in Love.

In my program “S.A.F.E. IN LOVE” I will walk you through exactly how to do it, encapsulating the following 4 Principles:

S – Security. Security that comes from within and that is there as a constant.

A – Alchemy. How to transmute and heal all the matter within that makes you feel scared, insecure, neurotic in a relationship. Moving from scared to sacred.

F – Find the Power, Joy and Light in your partner, so that it reflects back at you, and incrementally heals them

E – Execute on the ultimate vision you have with your partner to enjoy the best of life together. 


This is a deep dive into advanced romantic psychology, will involve a deep healing of your fear-based and ego-based programs and patterns, and will set you up to have an exceptional relationship. 

If you’d like to hear more, simply dm me.

I can only fit a total of 20 onto the program and it is first come first served.

Please fill out the follows and Dan will get in contact with you:

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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