Your Beliefs Are Screwing You

Your beliefs are underwritten by your fears.

Your beliefs are largely “dictatorial whispers” in that they are largely working away behind the scenes, outside of your consciousness.

They are the silent screams that say “you can’t do that” “you don’t deserve this” “you’re not good enough for this”.

Or “money is inherently bad”, “men only want me for …”, “women only love me when I’m…”

They are cultural imprints, either from wider society or from the more immediate culture of your family.

They are NOT your voice, but an external clamour, internalised.

Please become more conversant with these tacit tremors.

Take time to CAPTURE what your beliefs are, as they underpin the expansion and enjoyment of your life, or lack therein.

Note: as long as they fly behind the radar without your conscious control, the more you will just think they are fact.

They are not, they are fear-ction.


Find a quiet 5-10 minutes where you can reveal your tacit, hidden beliefs.

To take them from unconscious and non-verbalised, to well-defined and fully articulated.

Because at that point we can shift them.

Deep breath into the body and answer the following:

What’s your belief about money?


What’s your belief about relationships?


What’s your belief about (you chose an area you know you struggle with)?


If you want a handle on ILLUMINATING limiting beliefs, and then most importantly CLEARING them, follow the link below.

I will run a process that EXPOSES those beliefs in the different areas of your life, then we will move toward what you DO want instead.

That will then act like a kind of holographic projector to open you to more majestic planes of living 👉

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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