How To Address “Over-Emotionality”

I was working with someone this morning who had been very emotional in her life.

The smallest thing, even someone being kind to her – even her being kind to herself – would make her cry.

Added to which she felt an overabundance of fear and anxiety toward life, toward the list of things she had to do on a given day.

She wanted to address this surplus of emotions with me, this “over-emotionality”.

We’d cleared a lot of the emotions in previous sessions but the anxiety still fired … and THIS tends to point to a single (or multiple) traumatic event in her life.

Sure enough, when she was 20 she lost two friends in a car accident. And in that moment she “decided” that life wasn’t safe. She had unconsciously written the rule that life is not safe and that even the smallest things have a risk.

I ran my clearing technique to TRANSMUTE the memory, all the “toxicity” from it until she felt clear.

She also mentioned that for many years after, she didn’t feel right, that her world was tilted on its axis .. so we ran the clearing technique on the 7 year (or so) timeline post-event.

She then felt distance from it. Like it no longer had an effect on her.

These unconscious programs, ideas, dictates and memories all transmuted, that frees her up to view life and her future with more peace and expansion. With a better ability to make choices that align with her interests and highest values, and not from a crumpled position.

I’m excited by her follow up sessions to ensure we can optimise her future still further.


Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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