Emotional Intelligence Is An Oxymoron

Oxymoron n. A figure of speech that has a contradiction at its core.

To be emotional is to be human, yet you cannot say that you are highly intelligent and brilliantly insightful in those moments of high emotionality.

Emotions are the crashing waves, in fact, that obfuscate intelligence and insight.

When you are in the throes of anger in an argument with someone, and you really want to find that defining idea (one that will fully resolve the issue once and for all) – and indeed articulate it with your finest flourish of wordsmithery – it is unlikely you will be able to in the flames of that roaring passion.

In fact, how many times has EXACTLY the right thing to say popped into your head a couple of hours later? Yes that’s right, when you are calmer!

The most intelligent thing you can do then is CLEAR* (transmute) your emotions as they arise. If not, you are simply stuck in the endless loops of drama — you are simply stuck in the internal story-lines that each emotion generates: be it sadness, anger, fear and on and on. Each have their own internal narrative that keeps the thought-emotion loop going.

Transmute To Transcend

Beyond the emotion is NOT some kind of dullness or mutedness. Actually it is the most alive, most luminescent, most ILLUMINED insight and superior level of intelligence. One that can surmise the entire truth of a situation and see exactly how to navigate it. It comes with it swathes of natural bouyancy and aliveness. It is YOU but your Higher Self.

It’s a very healthy place to be.

So do yourself a favour, do not be a slave to your emotions. Transmute them, to transcend them.

*One of Dan’s clearing techniques can be found here: https://dansainsbury-transformation.com/a-new-way-to-look-at-emotional-triggers

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

2 thoughts on “Emotional Intelligence Is An Oxymoron

  1. Would you say the difference between Clearing and Transmuting is that Clearing is done with past memories/ events that you want to Clear out of the body and Transmuting is done in the present to help stop negative emotions ( anxiety , embarrassment , fear ) ? I need assistance in the latter. Wondering if you’ve felt the energy from the USA since Wednesday haha? I’ve said your name no less than 100x …. Looking forward to tomorrow’s lesson !!!

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