Law Of Attraction In Relationships

Just because you want something badly – doesn’t mean you will get it. In fact “wanting something badly” or desperately suggests the unconscious PAIN of not having. And that very energy will push away that which you most want.

This all tends to stem from the pain of past loss that has not yet been healed, which then naturally engenders the fear of GETTING what you want in case you lose it.

This is the “shadow aspect” in you.

This shadow aspect will also likely SABOTAGE the very thing you value highly, in the case a partner DOES come into your life.

And so, UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU RECOGNISE this part in you it will continue to EITHER:

(a) Attract partners that won’t be able to commit fully or find a reason to leave — reflecting perfectly your current unconscious belief about relationships.

(b) Push away a partner who IS ready based on your fear/insecurity-based actions and behaviours: sabotage.

Therefore you will be sent the partner who is at your level of understanding and “enlightenment”.

So, how to navigate this? What can you do now to heal all this and manifest the right partner?

A. Notice if you have any fears, neuroses or phobias around relationships —- and clear all of them (you can ask me for the clearing technique). Then once you’ve done that ..

B. Ask yourself the question “What is the PERFECT relationship?” and let the answer come. That is your Vision of the ideal, of what is possible.

Then run a “manifestation” technique to embody and integrate that Vision in you so that HAVING this relationship feels normal.

Hope this helps. Remember, fear and love are both attractors. Make sure you chose the right one.

If you’d like further assistance with this, please let me know:

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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