Manifestation Technique For Ideal Partner

A few of you have asked me how I do the emotional clearing and unconscious relational template repatterning work so that you can optimally manifest the right partner for you.

Essentially, how do you remove all the unconscious saboteurs and phobias around love and then how do you MANIFEST “man•ifest or woman•ifest?” 😃 😉 the right partner?

Here is a process I would use in a session:

First Step ~ Clear Any Negative Feeling Associated With Relationships

Think about being in love with an amazing partner.

Does any fear come up?

Go to the way the fear feels in the body, then SAY to the feeling

“I’m surrounding this with Light.”

Repeat the phrase to whatever remains of the feeling of fear.

Now think about being in love with an amazing partner again.

Does anything come up now?

Maybe disbelief or a feeling of unworthiness.

Clear the FEELING of this using the above phrase.

Think about being in love with an amazing partner. 

What comes up now?

If there is ANYTHING negative, clear the feeling immediately.

Repeat the above process til you are fully clear when the you think about the partner.

If there is any stubborn negative feeling persisting, it is likely an unconscious program or memory that needs to be excavated and cleared out.

You can ASK the stubborn feeling:

“What’s this really about?” And let the answer come to you.

Then clear the feeling of it as above.

If the stubborn feeling remains, you can try ALLOWING the feeling, and breathing it into the Heart-Centre, hold it there for 2 seconds then release on the outbreath.

Conclusion: when it comes to manifesting the right partner, clear any negative programming first (which alas creates suboptimal perceptions and projections and saboteurs within relationships) first. Til you ARE AT LEAST at neutral if not bouyantly optimistic.

Second Step: Manifest The Ultimate Vision Of The Ideal Relationship

I am going to ask you a question. Let the answer come to you.

When it comes to a relationship, what is the perfect outcome for you?

What answer comes?

SEE the answer (Vision) and notice how it feels. Breathe the feeling into you.

Say to the Vision “I’m surrounding this with Light.” 

How does it feel?

Breathe the feeling into you again.

This makes your Vision conscious AND embodied, so that you can begin to carry the vibration of that Vision in your body.

When you look at that Vision, does any fear or any other not good feeling arise?

If so clear it immediately using the phrase in the first section. 

Run the question again.

“When it comes to a relationship, what is the perfect outcome?” Let the answer come.

OR, you can use an alternative question:

“What is the IDEAL relationship?”

Then use the subsequent steps as outlined above.


In conclusion, to manifest, negate the negative, then posit (and embody/integrate) the positive. 

If you’d love to work with me on this to REALLY ensure you get it right, please complete the following:

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