How To Manifest Optimally In The Key Life Areas

I was working with someone this morning — she’s about 5 sessions in and sounds so different to when we started. Akin to a gleaming, shinier, stronger version of herself.

Less weighed down by the energy and baggage from her past, deprogrammed from a lot of past conditioning — more able to CLEAR emotions as they arise and not to immediately be wed to them or engulfed by them.

Now she is in a consistently clearer and vibrant state, now is the time to work on the optimal manifestation in the different areas in her life. Purposeful Life Design. I used to call this Optimal Life Design (O.L.D.) “How to get O.L.D. before you get old.”

Namely, how does she WANT her life to be? What does she want in her life?

She had 3 things come to her immediately — to do with a new career she wanted to embark on and a passion-project that she wanted to spend more time on. Hitherto, they had taken a back seat as she was embarking on this INNER journey of clearing emotions and past memories leading to the “suboptimal programming” that had been governing her to that point.

I had her write each item down in a 1st column.

2nd column, how does she FEEL when she thinks of the item?

3rd column, what’s the ULTIMATE VERSION of each one?

4th column, what’s the perfect next step to bring it into fruition?

E.g. this is what it would look like:

ItemFeelingUltimateNext Step
Become an excellent vocal coachAmazing, LightI am well recognised, and I am doing meaningful work that helps people find and enjoy their voiceVolunteer at a renowned vocal coach school to make the necessary connections, and take it from there

Now this manifestation work is AT ITS BEST when you have done enough of the clearing of the emotional “gunk” that has been weighing down on you.

Without having done the clearing work:

1. There may be too much chaos internally to think straight

2. Emotions can pull you this way and that and corrupt / hijack your thinking

3. Your emotions and internal programming can make you think you do not deserve to have what you want or you are so unused to having what you want as it’s “selfish” etc

So, first step clear.

Second step “point and shoot” the manifestation device!

You deserve an exceptional life. And the more you bring all the very best of your self the more it helps the world at large.

If you have any questions related to any of this please message me on +44 77239 25056 or complete the following:

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