How To Overcome Fear

I noticed a video come up on YouTube with this as a title that went on for 2.5 hours and immediately thought “What!? That’s way too long” … so I will give you a potted guide to how I go about doing this here.

Fear is what is known as a substrata emotion, in the sense that typically it is the bottom of the stack of emotions that carry other emotions such as anxiety, anger and jealousy. Fear underpins all of it. The implication being that often times, if you get underneath those more superficial emotions and get to the FEAR component, and clear that out, the whole stack disappears.

Fear is a real smoke-and-mirrors act in the sense that it feels completely real (of course it feels real, it has its own feeling-signature in the body) but the weird paradox is that it’s often the easiest emotion to clear out. It’s like a mist, as you blow it away, the Sun can shine through again: the Sun being your clarity and insight and peace in any situation.

People often say “Yeah but you need fear”, I’d say it’s present in 99.999% of situations where it is a complete over-reaction. That’s to say it’s redundant. It floods the engine in completely “innocent” situations and disallows an optimal performance / navigation / clarity of thought where you most need it e.g. an interview, exam, challenging conversation, social event. It’s no more than an evolutionary hangover where it made more sense to have it in the sometimes brutal hunter-gatherer societies.

Fear stops people from a multitude of things:

  • Pursuing a new career
  • Leaving a partner
  • Leaving an abusive boss
  • Doing public speaking events that would net them new clients

It essentially separates people from materialising the Vision of a life they’d love.

When does your fear show up? If you knew how to turn it down or OFF completely, how would life be different? What would you be doing in life?

I am running fear-clearing courses as of 30th October. It is 3 sessions 1 on 1, we will clear your fear together and I will give you 2 techniques where you can do it also on your own. To know how to do this is completely life-changing. You will literally be able to navigate situations optimally and create a life that you love as opposed to being limited by previous patterns!

I strongly recommend you do this. These are tools for life.

To book, it is £295 via PayPal ( I’m excited to help you.

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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