New Transformational Psychology Course

I’m very excited to announce I’m now teaching the depth and breadth of my psychology to students and fellow therapists from around the world.

If you have a keen interest in psychology but don’t want to spend years on the subject or spend £10,000s I give a high-impact, rich, deep learning experience 1 on 1.

It will give you a ton of insights and techniques to gain rapid optimisation of your self and your life.

I had my first student yesterday and she absolutely loved it.

It’s a 10 week course and will cover a very exciting range of topics.

If you’d like the course curriculum you can download it directly here


Course reviews:

“I met Dan quite recently, but in a way I feel I know him forever.

As if we have been long time friends.

Dan is an absolutely fantastic tutor, where by explaining a topic, he gives his own life experience examples and always makes sure that I understand and practice the right way, by running examples in my own life.

Because of Dan’s performance, I see and feel things differently, in bright colors and in a more positive way.

I don’t look back anymore, as I used to do before .

I know it will take some time to transform totally, but only from 5 sessions I feel that I’m almost there!

I want to thank Dan for changing my life, and also wish for more people to know him and use his amazing skills of healing and transforming lives!

Thanks Dan”

Veronika Wilding

Published by Dan Sainsbury Transformational Psychology

Dan Sainsbury is a world-leading transformational psychologist and healer.

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