What is the greatest challenge that you face in your life currently?

How does it affect you? What is the cost to you of having that challenge?

And what is the value of clearing and overcoming this challenge?

Dan specialises and takes great pleasure in releasing people from the prison of their limitation, whatever it looks like. He does so using a combination of a natural and powerful healing ability combined with deep psychology.

This is a beautiful illustration of the result of Dan’s work, spoken from Carrie Contey PhD – herself a leading psychologist:

“I have been working with Dan for the past 8 weeks and to say this work is transformational is a profound understatement. Long standing fears and wildly limiting beliefs have shifted, but more importantly, I’ve been able to maintain a whole new vibrational state within my being.

I’m clearing out deep seated fears, doubts and shame and finding more and more moments of pure ease and bliss. After our sessions I feel elated by our work and I find myself relaxing into a peaceful state more and more of the time. If you are ready to work on a very deep level, go for it! You will be so glad you did. I truly am.”

What is the next step?

First things first, book in for a complimentary consultation, so Dan can hear what you most want to resolve and he will set out the plan:


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