Romantic Partner As The Catalyst For Your Massive Healing

ROMANTIC PARTNER AS THE CATALYST FOR YOUR MASSIVE HEALING The one YOU are hugely attracted to, the one YOU can’t seem to live without, the one YOU want to live the rest of your life with (most of the time!), the one that seems to push ALL your buttons – both the good and badContinue reading “Romantic Partner As The Catalyst For Your Massive Healing”

Love Is The Cure: Romantic Partnership As Fast-Track To Self Healing

LOVE IS THE CURE: ROMANTIC PARTNERSHIP AS A FAST-TRACK TO SELF HEALING We all know how wonderful the honeymoon period is. You pour all that love-energy and sex-energy into that one individual. You see him/her as the one. It’s all different this time. You see the rest of your life with them. Then boooom, somethingContinue reading “Love Is The Cure: Romantic Partnership As Fast-Track To Self Healing”

What Prevents Manifestation?

WHAT PREVENTS MANIFESTATION? Manifestation means the life exactly as you want it actually happening as a reality. A lot of the manifestation material out there talks too much about vibrating at a particular frequency of the outcome already attained.. which is fine BUT it does not talk about the aspect in your mind that isContinue reading “What Prevents Manifestation?”

Intimate Relationships As A Fast-Track To Healing

Relationships are the FAST-TRACK to self-healing. Or self-destruction. Depending on the way you are using the relationship. If you are using it to GET something, like a baby bird squawking for worms, it will bring about your quick unravelling and decay. If you are using it to NOTICE the ways it triggers and activates you,Continue reading “Intimate Relationships As A Fast-Track To Healing”

The Power Of A Question

Asking the right question at the right time is like a Swiss Army knife for a therapist. Whether you are helping someone or helping yourself, asking the right question can be a life saver. Questions act as a PATTERN-INTERRUPT meaning they temporarily interrupt the normal direction and flow of consciousness and then redirect it. TheContinue reading “The Power Of A Question”