It seems to me thatEverything in the UniverseIs Perfectly OrchestratedFor our Sacred HomecomingAnd Highest Healing. We meet the right people at the right time.We read the right truth that alleviates our pain and worry.We find the right food that helps a health problem that negates having to be taken down by the side effects ofContinue reading “THE DIVINE CLOCKWORK”


The idea of Quantum physics is that everything on a submolecular level is energetic frequency and inter-relationships. That everything is interconnected and affects each other and nothing is in a vacuum. That ultimately the idea of separate physical objects is an illusion. Quantum scientists also tell us that the very act of OBSERVING a particleContinue reading “QUANTUM LOVE”


Here is a smart way of clearing the fear before it starts to populate your mind with horror stories and catastrophisation. As a constant practise, before long you will be experiencing sustained joy, confidence and peace. Ask yourself the question, is there any fear (in my body)? The answer is always yes ~ if youContinue reading “FEELING THE FEAR … TO CLEAR IT”


Author Gary Renard once said “Life seems to be a series of problems. You solve one only to be face with another. And then another.”  This seems to be true: you get over an argument with your wife, to run headlong into an issue with someone at work. That is then solved to find yourContinue reading “THE PROBLEM-SOLUTION PARADIGM”

The Perfection in the Trajectory

Whatever you are going through right now (heartbreak, loss, fear, depression, etc) is perfect for you in the current period in your evolution and education, as a Soul in human form. There are no mistakes in this immaculate trajectory; and where you stand as an individual, with your unique mix of concerns and challenges, isContinue reading “The Perfection in the Trajectory”

Welcome One and All!

Here you will find a blog devoted to my insights, techniques and observations from the world of Healing, Spirituality and A Course In Miracles. So you can just turn to one easy page, and find it all here. So here it is. Here are a collection: STUCK IN THE HEAD, A NATURAL BATTLEGROUND: If you areContinue reading “Welcome One and All!”