Divine Human Potential

I’m fascinated by what the very best version of someone is, where human starts to blend in with Divine Perfection. This is wholly possible, and as far as I see, is the only meaningful next step in evolution that would have a benevolent impact here. But how to ensure this Divine realisation? 1/ Know thatContinue reading “Divine Human Potential”

How To Move From Problem To Paradise

I’m going to take you through a process now that will take you from any challenge or undesirable situation to its beautiful equivalent. This is a process I use for myself and my clients and it works impeccably. So take any disastrous or difficult situation you are currently facing. PART 1 How does it feel?Continue reading “How To Move From Problem To Paradise”

Law Of Reflection

I struggle with the idea of the law of “attraction” because, it suggest magnets or something else of physical quality. What is it, PHYSICALLY, in you that acts as the attractor to life events? It doesn’t quite stack up. Reflection seems more accurate. I’ve explored this topic in depth for quite a few years andContinue reading “Law Of Reflection”

The Feeling Is The Cornerstone

You have often heard me say that the emotional feeling in the body is the fuelling for the projection. Change the feeling and the projection changes. In the space of a few seconds. Have you noticed how your emotional state can change on a sixpence? You could be entirely dreading something one moment, then anotherContinue reading “The Feeling Is The Cornerstone”

Secrets Of The Miracle

With any challenging situation, the way to bring about an amazing outcome: 1. De-dramatise 🗒 Take all the internal drama out. The human mind looooves drama, turbulence, ripples. But those “vibrations” keep the status quo of the existing challenge going, and negative judgment is the “dark glue” that holds suboptimal situations in place. Inner causingContinue reading “Secrets Of The Miracle”

Be Coached All Year

Imagine, working with me all year. Every week. Constant support and help. For emotional, situational, psychological and life issues. Using my advanced psychology skills and advanced healing abilities to get to where you most want to be in your life. Each area of your life: cleaned up and optimised. Price to be agreed between youContinue reading “Be Coached All Year”

The Machinery Of A Miracle

Yesterday something happened, the likes of which has happened so many times, that I want to share the machinery of how it works. Someone I’d been working with had been experiencing some drama and difficulties in her immediate family life. There had been some in-fighting and she was troubled by this. As someone who hadContinue reading “The Machinery Of A Miracle”

4 Reasons To Give Up On Fear and Anxiety

1/ They are entirely unnecessary, obsolete, redundant and unhelpful as emotions. 2/ They reduce your intelligence by contracting and constricting the mind. To clear them EXPANDS the mind and allows you to see around problems. To clear them allows new INSIGHTS to drop into your mind about how to navigate an issue. 3/ Physical comfort.Continue reading “4 Reasons To Give Up On Fear and Anxiety”

Life Optimisation Template

DISTRACTION IS DESTRUCTION I was speaking to a very dear girl yesterday, full of great Light and promise yet whose mind is akin to that of a glitterball; sparkling in 1000 directions but none really going all the way. She was tired by social media, realising her attention span had been culled by the shallow,Continue reading “Life Optimisation Template”