The Roadmap From Problem To Paradise

I have found the map that takes my clients from their biggest problem in life to their most desired outcome. I call it problem-to-Paradise and it uses 3 of my most powerful techniques. 1. I take them through a process that dynamically clears the current emotional/psychological/energetic part of the problem. Namely, I ensure the currentContinue reading “The Roadmap From Problem To Paradise”


There’s a lot of pressure over Xmas. I used to call it “enforced institutional mirth”. Part of the problem is to think you HAVE to be happy as that’s what we are told to do. And of course you have to spend time with people that really trigger you. How about that for a gift!Continue reading “XMAS CAN BE REALLY AWFUL FOR SOME PEOPLE”

Fear As The Fuel Of Disempowerment

To fear anything gives it power over you. And we know it’s subjective and inaccurate as an emotion as the person next to you probably doesn’t have that fear. You may also recall something that you used to be afraid of as a child that you are no longer afraid of. How do you feelContinue reading “Fear As The Fuel Of Disempowerment”

New Book: Keys To The Kingdom

It gives me great delight to share my new book with you “Keys To The Kingdom: 7 Advanced Psychological Techniques To Take You From Problem To Paradise.” It uncovers all of the techniques that I use in my private sessions to get people from their biggest problems to their Paradise in a short space ofContinue reading “New Book: Keys To The Kingdom”

Client Reviews

“Working with Dan remotely has been a phenomenal experience. Dan’s process is simple, non-intrusive and powerful.  Honestly it is really difficult to put the process into words, it’s an experience and a release that I recommend to everyone.” Sheila Bristow/Psychotherapist, April 2020, Canada ~ “For many years, I spent money, time, and effort in anContinue reading “Client Reviews”

Mental Health and Wellbeing At Work

There are many reasons people struggle to maintain their MH at work. If you look at it from an outsider’s perspective, being in an office 8-10 hours a day surrounded by wires and screens and man-made artifice, often sat in the same spot all day every day, doing things that are not always REALLY alignedContinue reading “Mental Health and Wellbeing At Work”

The Subconscious And The MindBody Link

It doesn’t take much scratching of the surface to see certain key events and experiences, either one-offs or trends, happening in our past – particularly as kids – will filter the way we see the world. These filters give rise to unconscious ideas, beliefs and distortions which limit us (we can call it a prismContinue reading “The Subconscious And The MindBody Link”

How To Exit The Meaning Loop

You’re triggered. Perhaps you see a look in someone’s eye that spells trouble. Perhaps someone looks at you in a particular way that seems superior or haughty. Perhaps someone’s not there for you when you are always there for them. What does that provoke in you? What is the internal narrative that is automatically forthcoming?Continue reading “How To Exit The Meaning Loop”

4 Ways To Avoid Burnout

Barely a day goes by when we don’t hear about the high numbers of the cases of burnout in the corporate world. Here, psychologist Dan Sainsbury (and former corporate sales person that endured hard-core sales environments) highlights 4 ways to completely avoid burnout. 1. Recognise the signs If you have a constant level of highContinue reading “4 Ways To Avoid Burnout”

Keys To Unlocking Your Manifestation Prowess

I do a lot of manifestation work with my clients. This involves creating what they want in their life and clearing what they don’t. Here is a map of what I do. A. AREA OF FOCUS We pick an area they want to work on e.g. work B. CURRENT SITUATION We review what is currentlyContinue reading “Keys To Unlocking Your Manifestation Prowess”