A Healing Technique To Release Old Wounds

Everyone has a unique constellation of issues, psychological and emotional, that they bear in adult life. These take many forms: fear of authority, fear of falling in love, anxiety of meeting people for the first time. It doesn’t take great awareness to see that our unique configuration of issues come from the unique trajectory weContinue reading “A Healing Technique To Release Old Wounds”

Impostor Syndrome

The deepest fundaments of the ego-mind can be characterised by a feeling of not being good enough or worthy enough. This is highlighted by the sheer numbers of outwardly very successful people, be they sportsmen, businessmen and the like who are stricken with impostor syndrome. Seemingly, for many, the more successful they are, the moreContinue reading “Impostor Syndrome”


You’ve been given some kind of target: a project to deliver on, a financial revenue target to hit. You have, let’s say, 1 month to do it. At the beginning of the project, do you have that typical “How on earth am I going to do this?” type of mentality? As a psychologist and therapistContinue reading “HOW TO ACHIEVE DESIRED OUTCOMES FLUIDLY AND SMOOTHLY”


Anxiety can be such an overpowering emotion and can really impair, even paralyse right action. The word comes from the Latin “angere” to choke and its sufferers know not just its weakening effects but how painful it can be physically with its host of physical effects. Some people have it for most if not allContinue reading “ANXIETY CLEARING SESSIONS”

New Course ~ Healing The Wounds Of The Heart To Reveal The Light That You Are

“The Light of Love is highly attractive in that we are pulled to it, it being our True Nature and the Source of our True Nature. It’s akin to a search Light, burning away the illusions of the small self. In the same way, we are pulled by romantic love and to the degree theContinue reading “New Course ~ Healing The Wounds Of The Heart To Reveal The Light That You Are”

Overcoming Awful Anxiety

I’ll make this post very brief. If you have anxiety you’ll know the terrible feelings that come with this emotion as well as the awful foreboding mental states and entirely unhelpful thoughts. You just wish you knew how to turn it down or off, as you likely know that the thoughts that come with itContinue reading “Overcoming Awful Anxiety”

Case Study: Healing The Intense Need To Control Everything

I was deeply honoured this morning to do some work with someone who had a deep-seated terror of losing control in her life. For most of her adult life, her mind told her it was too scary NOT to control absolutely everything and one of the physical manifestations was her diaphragm constricting .. likely asContinue reading “Case Study: Healing The Intense Need To Control Everything”

Case Study: A Woman Always Treated As Second Best

I had a wonderful and illuminating session yesterday with a client that for all her adult life suffered with men liking her but then leaving her for other women. A romantic relationship would occur then in a very short space of time they would leave her and go for someone else, including going back toContinue reading “Case Study: A Woman Always Treated As Second Best”

The Mechanism Of Shame

The mechanism of shame, the mechanism of embarrassment, that of fear, guilt, that of any emotional pain is happening in you … it is not happening to you, despite first appearances. Sure, there may be an outside stimulus, or an internal thought that triggers the machinery, but the machinery itself is in you. This isContinue reading “The Mechanism Of Shame”