No Self: No Problem

I’m reading an exceptional book called “No Self: No Problem ~ How Neuropsychology Is Catching Up With Buddhism”, by Chris Niebauer, PhD. In it he talks about how the left brain is constantly trying to make sense of the world by mapping, judging, evaluating and categorising. It’s always on, but very very often the mapsContinue reading “No Self: No Problem”

How To Recognise Underlying Sabotaging Patterns

Most of the time we are so stuck up in our heads, lost in the personal hallucination of our cloud of thought that we mistake for reality, that we forget the type of thought is being generated and maintained by the way we feel UNDERNEATH the thought. I was just reading an incredible exposé ofContinue reading “How To Recognise Underlying Sabotaging Patterns”

How Are You Using Relationships?

One of the biggest causes of a downfall of a relationship is how you USE them. As a kind of commodity: as a way to prop up your mood or self-esteem to squeeze joy out of to stop yourself being lonely or insecure as a way of not working on yourself and your deeper psychologicalContinue reading “How Are You Using Relationships?”

Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Meaning

📝 Longish post, so strap yourself in. Today in my session with a course student we went into Life Meaning And Life Purpose (Session 7 of 10). Here is what we did: 👉 We ran an exercise which revealed 3 separate life purposes for her 👉 We ran a further exercise on 1 of themContinue reading “Finding Your Purpose, Passion and Meaning”

New Transformational Psychology Course

I’m very excited to announce I’m now teaching the depth and breadth of my psychology to students and fellow therapists from around the world. If you have a keen interest in psychology but don’t want to spend years on the subject or spend £10,000s I give a high-impact, rich, deep learning experience 1 on 1.Continue reading “New Transformational Psychology Course”

Relationship Optimisation

The 3 unconscious programs that produce the bulk of our perceptions, projections, expectations and fears in relationships are: • the relationship we had with our mother• ditto father• the relationship they had together To the degree they run rampant in the subconscious is to the degree they affect us to this day. I was workingContinue reading “Relationship Optimisation”

Be The Most Outstanding Lover Program

Outcome of the course: You will only attract and be attracted to the most exquisite partners. How it’s done: We will ~ ▪︎ heal and optimise ALL your unconscious relational patterning so you do not keep running up against the same problems and partners who are not quite right  ▪︎ understand and define exactly whatContinue reading “Be The Most Outstanding Lover Program”

The Adverserial Nature Between Men and Women

I was speaking with someone recently who had been “wronged” by someone she had been seeing. As discussed in a previous post, she found out that he had still been on a dating site and was seeing other women. She ended up pretending to be someone else on this dating site by setting up aContinue reading “The Adverserial Nature Between Men and Women”