The Greater The Need For A Relationship, The More Likelihood Of Failure

I was chatting to someone last night who wanted my advice on a relationship issue. She had been seeing someone semi-seriously over a 6 month period and she felt something was awry — he was not able to fully commit and lo and behold a friend of hers saw him still active on a datingContinue reading “The Greater The Need For A Relationship, The More Likelihood Of Failure”

How To Manifest Optimally In The Key Life Areas

I was working with someone this morning — she’s about 5 sessions in and sounds so different to when we started. Akin to a gleaming, shinier, stronger version of herself. Less weighed down by the energy and baggage from her past, deprogrammed from a lot of past conditioning — more able to CLEAR emotions asContinue reading “How To Manifest Optimally In The Key Life Areas”

Emotional Clearing And Manifestation

I have been working with someone this past few weeks on helping her extract herself from a toxic relationship. Aside from all the hedonic pleasure she was getting from it, it was an abusive relationship and she had to get out to protect her sanity. The problem was, she had left the relationship before butContinue reading “Emotional Clearing And Manifestation”

The Anatomy Of Perception

First, perception feels real. It is not. 10 people perceiving exactly the same event or thing will have a distinct way of looking at it and feeling about it, that is unique to them. Even if 2 of them are best friends. Perception is the constellation of your thoughts and feelings working together, and itContinue reading “The Anatomy Of Perception”

Manifestation Technique For Ideal Partner

A few of you have asked me how I do the emotional clearing and unconscious relational template repatterning work so that you can optimally manifest the right partner for you. Essentially, how do you remove all the unconscious saboteurs and phobias around love and then how do you MANIFEST “man•ifest or woman•ifest?” 😃 😉 theContinue reading “Manifestation Technique For Ideal Partner”

Law Of Attraction In Relationships

Just because you want something badly – doesn’t mean you will get it. In fact “wanting something badly” or desperately suggests the unconscious PAIN of not having. And that very energy will push away that which you most want. This all tends to stem from the pain of past loss that has not yet beenContinue reading “Law Of Attraction In Relationships”

Intimate Relationships WILL Trigger You: Good!

I was once in a relationship that was beautifully amazing for about 8 months – this extended honeymoon period of feeling amazing to be around each other. We would lay on the sofa in her flat and plan on which restaurants or bar we were going to that evening but instead just stay in, marinadingContinue reading “Intimate Relationships WILL Trigger You: Good!”

Emotional Intelligence Is An Oxymoron

Oxymoron n. A figure of speech that has a contradiction at its core. To be emotional is to be human, yet you cannot say that you are highly intelligent and brilliantly insightful in those moments of high emotionality. Emotions are the crashing waves, in fact, that obfuscate intelligence and insight. When you are in theContinue reading “Emotional Intelligence Is An Oxymoron”

A New Way To Look At Emotional Triggers

You’re stuck in traffic late for an important meeting. Everyone is hooting and there seem to be REALLY dithery drivers when the traffic finally starts to move. Your partner seems to disrespect you at a social event and even seems to be flirting with an attractive guest. Your boss overlooks you for some quality workContinue reading “A New Way To Look At Emotional Triggers”