The Golden Upward Spiral

THE GOLDEN UPWARD SPIRAL OF REVELATION AND MANIFESTATION Did you know that when you manage to totally clear your fear about a situation, that very often the perfect version of that situation naturally reveals itself? This has happened in my life and in the lives of many clients so many times that I see theContinue reading “The Golden Upward Spiral”

HiSAM: High Integrity Sales and Marketing

HELP FOR THERAPISTS IN A CROWDED MARKETPLACE It’s really hard to stand out amid all the 100,000 coaches and therapists that exist. It’s really hard for consumers to KNOW that YOU are the go-to person in this field. Coaches who have barely 1 week of training behind them can get “in on the act” andContinue reading “HiSAM: High Integrity Sales and Marketing”

Specialist Program: From Your Biggest Weakness To Your Greatest Strength

Often our biggest vulnerabilities in life contain all the ingredients that allow us become the most powerful versions of ourselves. So often we hear about the bullied child who becomes a powerhouse as an adult whose mission is to stamp out bullying. Or the person who is petrified at public-speaking who goes on to becomeContinue reading “Specialist Program: From Your Biggest Weakness To Your Greatest Strength”

2 Techniques To Clear All Negative Emotion

When we are stricken and overladen with fear or anxiety or any other mordant emotion it affects everything. It weakens us, disempowers us, disallows us from moving forward in life optimally. We are not allowed to see clearly in those times, in fact the tough emotion is the lens through which we see. Very cloudily.Continue reading “2 Techniques To Clear All Negative Emotion”

The Roadmap From Problem To Paradise

I have found the map that takes my clients from their biggest problem in life to their most desired outcome. I call it problem-to-Paradise and it uses 3 of my most powerful techniques. 1. I take them through a process that dynamically clears the current emotional/psychological/energetic part of the problem. Namely, I ensure the currentContinue reading “The Roadmap From Problem To Paradise”