How To Address “Over-Emotionality”

I was working with someone this morning who had been very emotional in her life. The smallest thing, even someone being kind to her – even her being kind to herself – would make her cry. Added to which she felt an overabundance of fear and anxiety toward life, toward the list of things sheContinue reading “How To Address “Over-Emotionality””

Your Beliefs Are Screwing You

Your beliefs are underwritten by your fears. Your beliefs are largely “dictatorial whispers” in that they are largely working away behind the scenes, outside of your consciousness. They are the silent screams that say “you can’t do that” “you don’t deserve this” “you’re not good enough for this”. Or “money is inherently bad”, “men onlyContinue reading “Your Beliefs Are Screwing You”

We Have Emotions All Wrong

“I’m so worried about this upcoming event”. 3 days later, “How did the event go?” “Oh fine actually”. “I feel so guilty about not spending time with him” “Have you asked him if he minds?” “No.” “I’m so angry at the way she spoke to me today” “How’s that working for you?”. “I woke upContinue reading “We Have Emotions All Wrong”


Everyone dreams of the perfect relationship. One that is forever joyous, emboldening and empowering. One that involves a deeply scintillating journey through life together. One that gives the deepest sense of passion, meaning and purpose. Yet very, very few have this. Why is that? Romantic and intimate Love are difficult because love by its natureContinue reading “FEELING S.A.F.E. IN LOVE”

What Prevents Manifestation?

WHAT PREVENTS MANIFESTATION? Manifestation means the life exactly as you want it actually happening as a reality. A lot of the manifestation material out there talks too much about vibrating at a particular frequency of the outcome already attained.. which is fine BUT it does not talk about the aspect in your mind that isContinue reading “What Prevents Manifestation?”

Intimate Relationships As A Fast-Track To Healing

Relationships are the FAST-TRACK to self-healing. Or self-destruction. Depending on the way you are using the relationship. If you are using it to GET something, like a baby bird squawking for worms, it will bring about your quick unravelling and decay. If you are using it to NOTICE the ways it triggers and activates you,Continue reading “Intimate Relationships As A Fast-Track To Healing”