“Problem-To-Paradise” Life Optimisation Program


How Does It Work?

You come to Dan with your biggest 3-5 life challenges in the realm of health, money, work, relationships, emotional health (etc.) that you most want to resolve. In fact, write them down now.

What are the biggest challenges you have in life currently that you’d most like to resolve?






How do they affect you?

What would it mean to overcome them?

Now, very simply, set up a call with Dan (www.calendly.com/dansainsbury-transformation)

You and Dan will then discuss the program and HOW he takes you from your biggest challenges to where you most want to be. He calls it Problem to Paradise.

The program, aside from deeply healing and transforming your key challenges and often doing so at a subconscious root-cause level, will also look at your Highest Vision: that is to say, what you most want to have, do and be.

Resolving the challenges is one thing, understanding and then manifesting your Vision is quite another.

Using Dan’s specialist techniques, together you will create something of beautiful, life-long value.

Along the course of the 12 hours of sessions you will be learning so much in terms of skills, tools and techniques that you can use for the rest of your life.

Testimonials about this Program:

“Dan is a kind, insightful and powerfully rapid healer…a perfect blend of wrangling you away from being stuck in your story.. and ‘Spirit-whispered’ into healing and vibrancy…highly recommended!!” Madeleine Land (UK)

“It’s interesting to go back and realize the many ways my life is different now, everything feels more easy, more expanded and healed.

My mood is not swinging as much and I found that I’m pretty neutral most of the time, I also notice less triggers and being in a grateful state most of the time.

My focus has changed so much, I accept things easily, and create less drama in general.

I still have some issues with my digestion but the Candida is completely gone. The lump in my breast is gone as well, so I am thankful for that as well.

I have reconnected with my husband recently and deepened our relationship which is great. So I think that there are many layers to your healing that are revealed within time.” Vero Palacio (Mexico)

“This morning, when I woke up, I realized that there was no joy in me.
In the part of the world where I live it is now 2pm, I’ve just finished my session with Dan and I can honestly say that I am in ECSTASY.

I think it’s important that everyone knows how quickly Dan manages to dispel any false illusion, block, situation, recent or old. It can be done in minutes, and this is the experience that I am having every time Dan works on me.

Another thing I wanted to share is that every time I hear Dan, I feel totally comfortable, accepted, I don’t feel any kind of judgement and for this reason, I feel myself more deeply. I would recommend Dan to every person I know, I feel blessed and grateful. Thank you”

Tiziana Paggiolu (Italy)

“I have been working with Dan for the past 8 weeks and to say this work is transformational is a profound understatement. Long standing fears and wildly limiting beliefs have shifted, but more importantly, I’ve been able to maintain a whole new vibrational state within my being. I’m clearing out deep seated fears, doubts and shame and finding more and more moments of pure ease and bliss. After our sessions I feel elated by our work and I find myself relaxing into a peaceful state more and more of the time. If you are ready to work on a very deep level, go for it! You will be so glad you did. I truly am.”

Carrie Contey PhD (USA)


Schedule your introductory chat here, where you can share your biggest challenges with Dan and take the step to healing:


Or call direct to chat +44 77239 25056
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